KFC Releases Unique Mix of Two Different Foods in United States

Next week, KFC embarks on a culinary adventure with the “Chizza.” It's a bold combination of fried chicken and pizza ingredients. Launching in the U.S. on Monday, the Chizza features Extra Crispy fried chicken with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni.

KFC emphasizes, “it’s not pizza, it’s Chizza.” This innovative dish challenges traditional fast-food categories. Originating in the Philippines in 2015, the Chizza has traveled the world. It's been a hit across Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Now, it's America's turn to taste the Chizza. “Fried chicken and pizza collaborated to create something even better – the Chizza,” said Nick Chavez, CMO of KFC U.S. The U.S. debut is highly anticipated.

To celebrate, KFC will convert a New York City outlet into a “Chizzeria.” This pop-up event will offer the Chizza for free. It's happening at 242 E 14th St in NYC.

Remember the Double Down? KFC launched it in 2010, selling over 10 million in its first month. It's a sandwich with cheese, bacon, and sauce between chicken filets. The Double Down made a comeback in 2023 for a limited time.