LSU Women's Basketball Team Faces Scrutiny for National Anthem Antics

LSU's women's basketball team faced criticism after not appearing for the national anthem before their game against Iowa.

A video showed Iowa's team during the anthem, but LSU was absent, having left the court just before.

Iowa secured a victory with a score of 97-84, thanks to Caitlin Clark's outstanding 41 points.

Post-game, LSU's coach Kim Mulkey explained the absence during the anthem as part of the team's routine. She expressed unawareness of the anthem's timing, emphasizing it wasn't intentional.

The issue wasn't new. Last year, LSU also missed the anthem before a key game against Iowa, sparking online debates.

The game was intense, with LSU defending their title and a rematch from last year's tournament. The match was tied at halftime, but Clark's performance in the third quarter, including nine 3-pointers, was pivotal.