National Pharmacy Chain Fined for Unsafe Conditions, Putting Customers at Risk

A CVS pharmacy in Ohio was hit with a $250,000 fine. State officials found it understaffed, putting both employees and customers in danger.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy launched an investigation in 2021. They found customers faced delays in getting prescriptions, phone issues, poor drug security, and unsafe conditions for staff.

This follows pharmacists demanding better working conditions. One told FOX Business that understaffing risked patient lives.

The investigation showed the pharmacy had just one pharmacist on duty. This pharmacist handled phone queries, transfers, and prescription verifications.

Only one technician was available for COVID self-tests in the drive-thru. A single care concierge helped with drive-thru prescription pickups.

The pharmacy cited the sudden loss of seven staff members as a reason for being short-staffed.

Other issues included an unlocked freezer with Moderna vaccines outside the pharmacy area and medications stored on the floor.

CVS acknowledged the board's findings but emphasized improvements since 2021. They aim to ensure sufficient staffing and resources.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has put the store on indefinite probation. It demands adequate staffing to avoid pharmacist fatigue and distractions.

The store must also create a process for staff to report staffing concerns.

Steven Schierholt of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy emphasized the importance of proper staffing to serve patients.

The store can request to end its probation after three years, provided it meets the board's conditions.