Democrat Candidate Marianne Williamson Shocks 10-Year-Old Reporter By Talking About Her Dead Cat

Marianne Williamson was dubbed the breakout star of the "spin room" after the Democrat debate on Tuesday night. She's undecided how her performance went and said she will wait until the memes surface to decide.

Thanks to her crazy comments and weird tactics she has been a focal point of many of the memes out there.

A CNN reporter asked how she thought she did during the debates in Detroit on Tuesday night and she said while laughing, "I'll tell you later when I see the memes."

While speaking with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, Williamson said she felt "dirty" after she agreed with John Delaney, a 2020 primary competitor.

Then there was the wild exchange with a 10-year-old reporter. The 10-year-old asked her, "Do you have a pet?"

"I had a cat and the cat died," Williamson replied.

The young reporter was not deterred. She next asked, "If, when, you become president, what animal will become the White House’s pet?"

"The White House is very big. Theoretically you can have a cat and a dog," Williamson replied.

Well, this exchange is sure to result in at least a few memes. In fact, one has already surfaced that features Lisa from The Simpsons and her poem about her deceased cat.

Williamson stands strongly behind reparations being paid to black people. She even has an exact figure in her mind. This is one of the key components of her campaign.

This debate was very different from the first one. For one, there was no hand raising. Also, there was actually some separation on some different topics. In the first one it seemed as if everyone was in full agreement on all topics.

She keeps the rest of the candidates on their toes, for sure. How crazy is it that she is a real candidate for the Democratic nominee.