McCarthy: Dems Push Impeachment Because They're 'Afraid to Face Trump at Ballot Box'

"[T]hey are afraid to face him at the ballot box, so they want to frame them..."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is not one to regularly make the headlines, but he is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

The Congressman appeared on on Fox News Channel's “The Ingraham Angle" on Thursday, during which time he addressed the impeachment efforts of the left.

He believes they are working so hard to impeach the president because they are afraid to face him at the ballot box! If they were confident in their ability to beat him, they would not even bother with such ridiculousness.

“Each week will be something new, because each time they fail to prove anything,” McCarthy said. “But it really goes to the core, I always wondered why does Adam Schiff lie so much, I mean why would he say I have proof beyond circumstantial? Lie about meeting with Glenn Simpson, lie about knowing the whistleblower, lie about the transcript.”

“He wants to impeach this President so badly,” he added. “I mean they are afraid to face him at the ballot box, so they want to frame them, and that’s what they’ll continue to do, whatever it takes to impeach this President, they’ll start something new day.”

I have to say that I agree with McCarthy! Democrats know they don't stand a chance at beating Trump. For one, he has done so well this term that he has gained a plethora of more supporters! Second of all, have you seen the Democrat presidential candidate line up? Absolutely pathetic.

They could not beat him in 2016 and they can't beat him in 2020.