McDonald's Offers Prize to Anyone Who Can Spot Their Famous Burglar In His New Ride

Batten down the hatches and guard your grills! Hamburglar, the notorious McDonald's rogue, is on the loose again.

This rascal's got a new mission: nabbing the tastiest burgers McDonald’s has whipped up to date. They're sizzling, they're scrumptious, and Hamburglar can't resist.

McDonald’s has a challenge for you. Spot the Hamburglar, and you're in for a treat. Think you've got what it takes?

He's not just sneaking around on foot this time. Meet the “Burgercuda,” Hamburglar’s slick, new 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. It's a burger thief's dream ride, zooming from coast to coast.

Keep your eyes peeled for this burger bandit. Spot the “Burgercuda,” and here's what you'll get: an Arc Card and exclusive Hamburglar merch. Burgers on the house? Yes, please!

The “Burgercuda” isn’t shy. Look for black-and-white stripes, bun-inspired hubcaps, a cheeseburger spare tire, and the telltale “RBL RBL” on the license plate.

Got lucky and spotted it? Or maybe not so lucky? Either way, head to You might just win free McDonald's burgers for a year.

It's a nationwide "steakout." Everyone's on high alert.

“McDonald’s is all about top-notch burgers. When we up our game, it's no shock Hamburglar wants in,” says Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s marketing guru. “Fans, get ready. Join the hunt for the elusive burger thief. Who knows where he'll strike next?”