Media Trashes Pro-Life Senator Tim Scott as 'Trump's Coon Squad'

Liberal heads are spinning as American patriots speaking at the Republican National Convention. Every single speech has been encore worthy, yet all the left can do is hurl insults.

Senator Tim Scott, the only African American Republican in the U.S. Senate, was labeled as "Trump's Coon Squad" by one left wing media outlet after Scott's address.

What a racist and demeaning statement. Just because a person, whose skin happens to be black, supports the president does not mean they are a "coon." That term is just as bad as the n-word in my book. It's a slur used to belittle a person of color and it's disgusting.

On Tuesday morning, Tommy Craggs wrote up a pitiful excuse to lament Republicans as racist, even by Mother Jones’ standards.

“How Badly Did They Want to Say the N-Word? RNC, Day 1,” the headline read. A leftist commentator, specifically an “Enterprise Editor,” is ranting about how racist the Republican Party supposedly is? Wow, how original!

While Craggs spent most of his article ranting and raving about Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis, the most telling part of his article was his reference to Scott and fellow speaker former NFL star Herschel Walker.

"Tonight was the “I’m not racist, and my Black friend says so” portion of the RNC, featuring speeches from Tim Scott and Herschel Walker, among others, and a lot of predictable talk about “opportunity zones” and the Democratic “plantation.” For the hard stuff, we turn to the undercard," Craggs said.

Why doesn’t Craggs just come out and call them “Uncle Tom” while he’s at it? Plenty of people were already doing so, enough to get #UncleTom trending on Twitter, with others tweeting about #UncleTim. Further, Craggs clearly didn’t actually listen to Scott or Walker’s speeches; otherwise even he would be able to appreciate those moving testimonies in favor of Trump, and from voices others might not expect.


Mother Jones and Twitter weren’t the only ones to go after Monday night’s black RNC speakers. While Craggs didn’t actually spell out “Uncle Tom,” Lance Strong for Hip Hop Wired told readers exactly what he thought of those black voices, right in the headline. “Trump Trots Out Sunken Place Sambos Sen. Tim Scott & Herschel Walker For RNC’s First Night,” Strong ranted.

It only got better! The first paragraph read:

The first night of the Republican National Convention is in the books and, as expected, a lot of hot air was expelled in favor of elevating President Donald Trump. As expected, some of Trump’s Coon Squad members rose from the Sunken Place with their best tap shoes on and did a little jig while praising the Swindler-In-Chief.

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