Sen. Tom Cotton: Border Worse Than Crisis, It’s 'Insanity'

Despite the fact that Joe Biden is doing his best to blame the crisis at our southern border on former President Donald Trump, it falls solely on the shoulders of the Biden administration...and the problem is only getting worse.

Senator Tom Cotton is raising the alarm and revealed that it’s even worse at the border than what is being reported.

"What's happening at the border right now, Greg, is called insanity," Cotton said during an interview on Wednesday with Newsmax. "We have invited any minor, or any parent, or person purporting to be a parent with a minor to come to our border, and they will get into our country.

"And all of the smugglers and all the traffickers know that and everyone throughout Latin America, and really the world, knows that,” he told host Greg Kelly.

"The border patrol said they have had more than 4 dozen countries' nationals come to our country and are being admitted into this country," Cotton continued. "It's very simple how to stop this, to tell the entire world: 'Do not leave your home; do not come to our country; the border is closed; if you come, we will send you home.'

"And the first plane load of migrants that get sent back to Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador will mean the rest of the migrants don't come,” he added, "but Joe Biden is not willing to do that."

"He needlessly and mindlessly reversed the very effective policies of the Trump administration that has basically closed the border, just because he wanted to be different than Donald Trump," Cotton said. "And you see the crisis that we have in our hands now."

"Many on the left simply don't believe in borders," Cotton noted. "They don't believe it is right or moral to have a border and to enforce the border. They also want to reward all of their corporate sponsors and corporate donors – since so much of corporate America now has gone hard left and thrown in with the woke Democrats – with that cheap labor.

"They're going to flood the markets with these migrants who get a notice to appear in court, which gives them legal status to work, or who are going to go in the black market and work without legal status, which is going to hurt wages for working class Americans,” he added.

"Our borders are open and our schools are closed, and our teachers are teaching illegal aliens, while American kids can't get into classroom," Cotton said. "We need to the opposite: We need to open our schools; we need to close our borders

He continued, "Again, it's very simple. If you announce to the world not only that the border is closed, then you take action to actually return migrants to their home country or tell them to stay in Mexico to have their asylum claims adjudicated – claims that are usually bogus I would add – they will stop coming. It's that simple. That's what we saw in the last administration. That's what we need to do again."

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