Mitt Romney Busted With Twitter Burner Account

Senator Mitt Romney confirmed that he run a Twitter burner account under the alias Pierre Delecto.

On Sunday The Atlantic published a piece that confirmed Romney uses a separate account to follow political news, but wouldn't give away the handle.

“I won’t give you the name of it,” Mitt said to the outlet. "I’m following 668 people.”

It was uncovered by a reporter for Slate that the handle @qaws9876 and the name Pierre Delecto was being used by Sen. Romney.

So what kind of stuff has Romney been doing with his burner account? He liked this tweet about Marco Rubio:

He also liked this story that was ripping on Newt Gingrich:

Romney also retweeted a tweet by Bill Kristol that was supporting the impeachment of President Trump:

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This is a grown man, a senator at that, running a Twitter burner account. How pathetic is that? Even worse, he's using this account to root against President Trump.