NYC Tenants Stage ‘Rent Strike,’ Urge Others to Join

Instead of fighting their tyrannical governor and mayor for shutting down businesses and preventing people from being able to work and pay their bills, New York activists are urging people to join their “rent strike” to “cancel rent” because they “cannot pay.”

Their website,, states that there are already 57 properties in New York City that are staging a rent strike. They are also leading similar operations in Alexandria, Virginia; Chicago; Gainesville, Florida; Los Angeles; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Philadelphia and San Francisco.

“While rent strikes are a tried-and-true tactic of the diverse housing justice movement, they are just one tool in a hefty arsenal,” their website reads. “Community organizing strategies include occupations of vacant but habitable homes, outdoor encampments, advocacy of legislative relief (including a universal guarantee of homes for all), eviction disruptions, mutual aid, efforts to provide free legal counsel to those facing displacement, and the creation of tiny homes on publicly owned land.”

The article also cites the “success” in Portland, Oregon when anti-eviction activists brutally attacked police for attempting to serve an eviction notice to a home, pre-COVID.

These people will do anything but work for a fair living! I wonder if they stopped to think about the people who own these properties and are counting on the rent money owed to them in order to pay their bills as well....perhaps they did and just don’t care....or perhaps they are too narrow minded to even consider that.

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