Pharmacy Tech Reveals the Real Reason Patients Have to Wait So Long For Their Prescription

Filling out a prescription is routine for many. But some face hurdles. One user shared her dad’s pharmacist refused a prescription due to dosage disagreement. Another couldn't get Adderall without insurance. These issues raise questions about pharmacy practices.

Enter TikTok user Danielle (@dirtydan777) with answers. In a video with over 575,000 views, Danielle shares a story from her pharmacy job. “Today a girl asked me to fill a prescription. I said, ‘Of course, babe… Do you want to wait?’ She agreed. I said, ‘OK, 10 or 15 minutes,’” Danielle recalls. “Then she asked, ‘Oh, what do you have to do? Isn’t it just in a box?’”

Danielle highlights a common misunderstanding. She explains, even over-the-counter items like tampons need pharmacist approval. This is because the main pharmacist carries malpractice insurance, she says. Every medication must also be logged into their slow computer system.

“If a drug recall happens, like for shards of glass, I need to check your file,” she adds. Danielle points out that there's more to the job than just handing out boxes. The Mayo Clinic echoes this, noting that pharmacy techs also handle insurance claims, inventory, and paperwork.


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In the comments, many admitted they had no idea about the effort behind a prescription. “Thank you for explaining, cause I would never argue about the time it takes, but it’s been a mystery why it takes so long,” one user wrote. Another added, “I thought it took 15+ mins for them to find the meds and then put them in the bottle.”

Others mentioned more reasons for delays. “Not to mention most pharmacies are extremely short-staffed right now,” one commenter explained. “1-2 people have to work the front counter, drive-through, answer phones, questions, and fill hundreds of other meds before theirs.”

A different user shared their experience: “I went to Thailand 2 months ago and needed shots before going. The pharmacist spent half an hour researching if I needed anything specific for my trip.” They added, “People need to have more patience…a pharmacy is not McDonald’s.”