Planet Fitness Stock Plummets After Controversial Photo in Women's Locker Room Goes Viral

Planet Fitness in Alaska faced backlash after canceling a woman's membership. She had photographed a man in the women's locker room. The gym's stock plummeted by 15% in under two weeks.

On March 7, the stock was at $66.92. By March 19, it fell to $56.46, as reported by The New York Post.

Patricia Silva shared a video on Facebook. "I just wanted to say I came out of Planet Fitness and there is a man who is shaving in a women's bathroom," she said. She expressed discomfort with the situation but also empathy for the individual's gender identity.

Silva described the encounter on social media, as noted by The Daily Mail. She confronted the man, who identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Silva voiced her discomfort to the gym's staff but received no support.

On March 13, Silva received a call from Planet Fitness. They informed her that her membership was canceled in favor of inclusivity over her concerns for safety and privacy in the women's locker room.

Silva reacted to her membership cancellation. She highlighted her concern for a young girl in the locker room and her own safety. She announced plans to report the incident to the police and thanked the gym for canceling her membership, citing it as a relief.

A Planet Fitness spokesperson defended the decision to cancel Silva's membership. They emphasized the gym's commitment to an inclusive, judgment-free environment. The spokesperson cited a violation of the gym's mobile device policy as the reason for termination, aligning with their gender identity non-discrimination policy.