WATCH: Portland Antifa Attacks Man and Young Girls

Anytime there is a video clip of Portland it looks like an absolute war zone. It looks like an alternate world where there is a ton of chaos there.

The latest clip released from Portland shows a man and a young girl being surrounded and swarmed by Portland Antifa. The two were separated from their group and Antifa took advantage of the situation.

Portland Antifa Attacks Man and Young Girl

This is what Antifa does. They look for a weak link and try to attack them. You never see them going to battle with a big group of Trump supporters. It is always someone isolated like Andy Ngo or this situation here.

While the Antifa thugs are complete idiots and should be locked up, what was this young girl doing at this event? Especially if the girl is this man's daughter. You can tell the way they are dressed there was a good chance for battle. This could have easily been avoided.

Another thing to think about is where are the police? Has Portland turned into such a lawless land to where they don't even try to stop things like this from happening? This goes on for several minutes and there is no sign of them.

More Examples of Antifa Thugs Being Idiots

It's a shame that Portland let things go this far. There are young girls fighting in the streets. Unfortunately this is the new norm there.