Report: Louisiana to Postpone Primary Voting due to Coronavirus

According to reports, Louisiana may be postponing primary voting for the Democratic presidential candidate due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin announced on Friday that he is requesting for the governor to postpone the primary (scheduled for April 4) until June 20 and the municipal elections to July 25.

“We want to protect the health and safety of all Louisianans by doing our part to prevent the spread of this highly infectious disease,” Ardoin said.

The Hill reports:

He said that the decision was made to protect citizens and election commissioners, who tend to work out of locations where elderly citizens gather, such as nursing homes.

As of Friday morning, the state had tested 94 people for the coronavirus with 33 presumptive positive results.

It’s unclear if other states hosting their primaries in the coming weeks will follow suit, or what that would look like for the trajectory of the Democratic primary.

On Tuesday, four states host their primaries: Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Illinois.

I will be curious to see if other states postpone their primaries as well.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are both cancelling campaign events due to the virus.

"If voters are feeling healthy, not exhibiting symptoms, and don’t believe they've been exposed to COVID-19, please vote on Tuesday,” Biden’s campaign pleaded.

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