Sarah Huckabee Sanders Makes Bold Endorsement in 2024 Presidential Race

Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders from Arkansas expressed her strong support at a Hialeah, Florida gathering, endorsing a candidate for the GOP's presidential bid in 2024.

Addressing the attendees, Sanders emphasized the critical need for "Donald Trump" at this juncture, citing challenges such as inflation, crime rates, border security, and international relations. She criticized the current administration for repeated failures and underlined the need for new leadership. Proudly, she announced her endorsement for "Donald J. Trump," whom she described as her prior superior, a personal acquaintance, and a president beloved by many.

The gathering appears to be a strategic maneuver by Trump, occurring at the same time as the third GOP presidential primary debate in nearby Miami.

Trump, who is leading the polls for the nomination in what is his third consecutive bid for the presidency, is opting out of the debates with his fellow Republican contenders once more.

Sanders, offspring of ex-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, held the role of White House press secretary for half of Trump’s term. She has remained a steadfast supporter of Trump post-presidency.

Last November, she secured a decisive victory to become the governor of Arkansas and had maintained a position of neutrality in the Republican presidential primaries until this point. Her delay in endorsing a candidate was a source of annoyance for the former president, as per individuals within Trump's political sphere.

Currently, DeSantis and Nikki Haley, the ex-governor of South Carolina and a former U.N. ambassador under Trump, are vying for runner-up status in the polls in Iowa and other key early voting regions.