'Shark Tank' Star Gets Restraining Order Against Former Contestant

"Shark Tank" personality Daymond John has successfully obtained a permanent restraining order against three ex-participants.

The contestants who faced this action were former NFL athlete Al "Bubba" Baker, his spouse, and his daughter. They had initiated a series of social media posts recounting their "nightmare" encounters with the famous investor.

A court order filed on Friday and disclosed by Fox Business has now forbidden the trio from making any public comments regarding John or his business transactions.

According to court records, the Baker family is forbidden from making or inciting others to make any public remarks that "could be construed as negative, defamatory, or false, potentially harming the reputation, goodwill, credibility, or value of DF Ventures, LLC (or any of its members) or Daymond John, or that might dissuade existing or potential customers from purchasing their products."

The family, who made an appearance on the show in 2014, are also required to erase any past posts in which they claimed that John tried to seize control of their company, Bubba’s Q Boneless Baby Back Ribs.

By Sunday, all social media posts making reference to these allegations had been deleted by Bubba, Sabrina, and Brittani, as stated in a declaration submitted by the family's attorney.

"The decision against the Bakers, their company, and their false statements is a moment of vindication. The actual facts, the record and the federal Judge’s opinion have confirmed that I did not – and could not have – committed any wrongdoing," John shared with Fox Business in a statement via his representative. "Let this be a reminder of the importance of the truth in an age of misinformation and clickbait."

"I have always upheld transparency and honesty throughout my journey as an entrepreneur. I am grateful for the support that I’ve received during this time and will continue defending my reputation with the same passion I bring to empowering fellow entrepreneurs. Let us strive for a world where integrity prevails, and false accusations hold no power."

Following their participation in the entrepreneurial reality TV show, the Baker family labeled their experience of collaborating with John as a "nightmare", expressing their frustrations about him on social media platforms.

John was charged by the Baker family with "misleading" the proprietors of Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs, siphoning off their earnings, and hindering them from profitable prospects. These allegations surfaced after the family publicly revealed specifics about their "Shark Tank" business agreement.

John, the founder of FUBU, categorically refuted these claims in an earlier statement to Fox Business.

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