Taxation is Theft! Bad Eagle Smashes Through Window at Tax Office, Flies Off

Taxation is theft! A bald eagle in Virginia wanted to remind us of that as it smashed through the window at a tax preparation office. Don't worry, no bald eagles were harmed in the making of this public service announcement.

After smashing through the window, America's symbol of freedom sat perched and waiting for employees on Monday morning.

NBC reports: 

The Virginian-Pilot reports the mature bald eagle struck a window Monday at an H&R Block office in Norfolk, leaving a hole nearly three feet (one meter wide) and scattering glass shards over the office floor.

Harry Patterson Jr., who runs a neighboring insurance office, says he was on the phone when he saw what he thought looked like a stuffed animal. Patterson says the office is closed until tax season.

A spokesman for H&R Block acknowledged the incident.

The American icon flew off without any apparent serious injuries. Wildlife rehabilitator Rochelle Stewart did come to assist, however she arrived too late because the eagle had already flown away.