Texas Man Who Isn't Homeless or Handicapped Making $1,000 a Week Panhandling

An Abilene man, who portrays himself as being homeless and handicapped, has been making $1,000 a week panhandling, according to the police chief.

The man goes out every Saturday and Sunday at the intersection of Hwy 83/84 and FM 707, according to Chief Stan Standridge.

He sits in his wheelchair and this has resulted in many calls to the police department from people who think he is homeless. The homeless department has reached out to the man and have learned he is not homeless and not wheelchair-bound. He lives in south Abilene.

The man is dropped off every weekend to get free money. He averages about $1,000 a weekend.

He was found at the intersection on a Wednesday, so he's no tjust there on the weekends. Several people have told KTXS that he's there every single day.

His name is RJ. He told KTXS that he is homeless and handicapped and on a good day he makes $6.

This differs from what Standridge said that RJ told his officers.

"He has told our officers how much he’s making. We know where he resides. I have personally seen him dropped him off on weekends," Standridge said.

The goal of Standridge is not to put RJ on blast, but to switch from giving to charity and instead give to philanthropy.

"Imagine if those dollars were given to non-profits to help get our homeless neighbors off the streets," said Standridge.

Regardless, this guy is making $1,000 a week (at least) to sit in a wheelchair and pretend to be homeless and handicapped. And he's neither.