The $6.49 ALDI Freezer Find Families Are Going Crazy Over

My family is practically addicted to Mama Cozzi products. Whenever I'm at ALDI, it's a challenge not to leave with a pizza or flatbread. But the real treasure I've found recently is Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Snacks from the frozen aisle.

Here's what I adore about them. These pizza snacks come in a huge 45-ounce bag filled with pepperoni bites for about $6.49. There are supposedly 15 servings per bag, but for my teenage son and his friends, it's considerably less.

They're tiny calzones, best cooked by spritzing with oil and popping them in an air fryer for five minutes. They turn out crispy outside, and gooey inside with plenty of pepperoni. You can also bake or microwave them, but I mostly just microwave a bunch for a quick lunch.

My son despises school lunches, so finding something he'll eat that also fuels his brain is crucial. He loves pizza, and Mama Cozzi's fits the bill. I hadn't managed to pack him a warm pizza lunch until these pizza snacks and my thermos combined forces!

These treats aren't just for lunch; they're perfect as appetizers or after-school snacks. For a touch more flavor, serve them with marinara sauce.

If you’re feeling fancy, make pizza nachos. Air fry or bake the snacks, then top with mozzarella, Parmesan, pizza sauce, and extra toppings. A quick return to the heat melts everything into a delicious mess.

Place a tray of these nachos before hungry teens, and it'll vanish before your eyes. They're a hit every time!