Trader Joe's Item Goes Viral, Reselling For as Much as $500

Stanley is out. Trader Joe's mini totes are in. Everyone's talking about them.

A TikTok video went viral, showing crowds waiting for these $2.99 mini canvas bags. They look just like the regular ones but smaller.

The video, with over 3 million views, shows a frenzy as shoppers grab the bags. Elinor Kim, the poster, said, "this was so scary but I'm aware I'm a part of the problem."

@elinorxkim this was so scary but i'm aware i'm a part of the problem????????‍♀️ #traderjoes #totebag #minitotebag #fyp ♬ Back It up and Dump It (Dump Truck) - GC Eternal & Kinfolk Thugs & TYME BOMB

One comment compared it to the Stanley tumbler craze at Target. "It’s giving valentines Stanley cup release at Target and I’m scared," they said.

Another echoed, "It’s like the Stanley cups all over again."

A TikTok from inside Trader Joe's reveals a five-bag limit per customer. The rush is real.

Some are flipping the bags on eBay, asking up to $500 for sets of the $3 totes.

These mini totes match the original in handle and color. Their size is the only difference: 13 inches long and 11 inches tall.

Trader Joe's warns of potential changes in availability. The disclaimer mentions market changes, federal regulations, and even zombies. "Contact our Crew for current price and availability," says the site.