Wish First Lady Melania Happy Birthday!

First Lady Melania Trump's birthday is coming up at the end of the month and the president wants to wish her a happy day in the neatest way possible!

Trump's Make America Great Again committee shared her birthday card on social media for Americans from all around the country to virtually sign. There's even an option to leave her a personal note!

They wrote, "We are planning something BIG for the First Lady’s birthday on April 26th, and we need your help. Last year, when the First Lady sat down and read all of the encouraging personal messages, it ended up being the absolute highlight of her birthday. This year, we want her card to be even BIGGER, and we know she'd love to see a note from YOU."

"Please sign the First Lady’s ONLY Official Birthday Card TODAY before time runs out," the committee added.

Melania is perhaps the sweetest first lady we have ever had. In addition to that, she is extremely smart and beautiful! She deserves to be celebrated.

To sign her card, click here.

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