YouTube Bans Gavin McInnes, Founder of Proud Boys and Co-Founder of Vice

Activist Gavin McInnes has been kicked off of YouTube, making them the most recent social media platform to cut ties with McInnes and his group, the Proud Boys.

It was reported by The Daily Beast on Monday McInnes was banned by YouTube. He had 220,000 subscribers when the ban happened.

McInnes has also been kicked off of Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and PayPal.

Just last week BlazeTV got rid of McInnes and his show "Get Off My Lawn." The week before that BlazeTV and CRTV, the network where "Get Off My Lawn" is broadcasted, had joined forces.

The Proud Boys, the group who McInnes founded, describes themselves as "a pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world; aka Western Chauvinists." The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has labeled them as a hate group. This is relevant because SPLC plays a big role in policing Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter.

Last month several Proud Boys were arrested for their roles in a street brawl in New York that happened in October.

Gavin McInnes has since disavowed the group, but he did point out that the group is neither a white nationalist group or an alt-right organization.

The hits keep coming for McInnes as he was denied a visa to tour Australia after it was determined he was of "bad character."