WATCH: A Tour of Jeffrey Epstein's Creepy Island

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had a creepy and bizarre island called Little Saint James Island. Some of the odd things on the island include a temple, a massive sundial and some strange statues. President Trump is demanding answers as far as who actually traveled to this island which was known as "Orgy Island." It is known that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's plane, known as "Lolita Express," at least 26 times, and times Clinton was without Secret Service and the flight included underage girls.

Patrick Howley of Big League Politics walked viewers through a recent tour of the island. Though he reported the temple dome is no longer in tact.

A Tour of Jeffrey Epstein's Creepy Island

President Trump was asked about Jeffrey Epstein, he predicted his downfall. And also that Bill Clinton would go down with him:

It's interesting to note that former FBI Director James Comey's daughter Maurene is one of the prosecutors of the case. Funny how all of these things tie together somehow. How was it possibly considered a good idea for her to be one of the prosecutors?