Watch: Plane Flies Massive 'Unborn Black Lives Matters' Banner Over DNC

Unborn lives matter! While BLM is busy destroying cities in the name of thugs like George Floyd, they simply ignore the fact that millions of black babies are murdered a year. Is that not a tragedy worth fighting?

Pro-life organization Created Equal launched OperationDNC this week, as they protest the Democratic National Convention with a massive "Unborn Black Lives Matter" banner in the sky via airplane. In addition to the message, the banner also has a photo of a 15-week aborted baby.

Lifesite News reports:

It kicked off in Brookfield, with the banner being in the air for eight hours. The banner will be circulating Milwaukee from August 17 to August 20. Before the DNC, on August 14, the organization flew an airplane tow banner with the words “Vote Anti-Abortion.”

Created Equal president Mark Harrington, wrote in a press release, “The Black Lives Matter Foundation (BLM) demands ‘reproductive justice’ and the Democratic platform promotes tax-payer funding of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.”

“We want to demonstrate that the BLM Foundation and the Democratic Party don’t care about hundreds of thousands of black lives: namely, all the unborn black babies that Planned Parenthood and other abortionists kill every year,” he continued.  “Our purpose is to expose the blatant hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party, which both say they care about black lives.”

“While blacks make up 13% of the total U.S. population, they account for close to 40% of all abortions in the country," Harrington said, “A black baby is 25 times more likely to be killed than a white baby. Nationally, black women have the highest ratio of abortions to live births (474 abortions per 1,000 live births) of any group in the country.”

In a livestreamed video on the same day, Harrington said, “Some people wonder why we would fly a banner like this ... over the downtown. And here’s the reason; it’s the same reason that activists, throughout social reform history, have used graphic images to make their point.”

“Victim photography has always played a role in social reform,” he continued. “We believe it works also for abortion. We have anecdotal evidence, we have statistical evidence, and we have the fact that children’s lives have been spared by these images.”

“They’re going to see any aborted baby photo next to the word abortion and they’re never going to think of abortion the same,” he said.

“And keep in mind,” he added, “because we’re a non-profit organization, we can’t necessarily tell people to oppose or support any individual candidate. So we’re telling people to vote anti-abortion, allowing them to reason to the conclusion as to which candidate supports abortion and which doesn’t.”

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