WATCH: Restaurant Owner Sends Protesting Vegans in Front of His Store Running

This restaurant owner is sick and tired of dealing with vegan protesters in front of his store. Instead of just hoping they go away he used a little creativity and sent them running.

First of all, why do liberals think that everyone has to stop doing what they love because it offends them? You don't see the meat-serving restaurant owners going to vegan spots and protesting them. Live and let live.

So how did this clever chef send the vegans running?

He butchered a deer in the front of his restaurant right by the window so the vegan protesters could see.

This happened in Toronto, Canada. It's an incredible example of fighting fire with fire.

After he finished butchering the deer he wasn't done. Next he ate a delicious steak right by the window for all of them to see.

In a desperate attempt to get him back the protesters called the police. How stupid can they be? According to reports the only thing they got out of calling the police was laughed at.

Restaurant Owner Wings Big-Time Against Vegan Protesters:

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Instead of getting mad or losing his cool this clever guy figured out the best way to get even. That's a big-time win for him.