Watch: Warren Nods in Agreement that 'U.S. Supports Genocide'

Oh boy. In the video below, you can see senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, infamously known as Fauxcahontas, nod her head in agreement that the United States supports genocide in "Palestine and Yemen."

On Monday, Warren held a town hall event in Grinnell, Iowa. When she took questions from the crowd, one attendee stated that the president “has an amazing responsibility to people outside of the United States,” and then stated that the U.S. supports genocide in other countries. He also accused the U.S. military of pollution.

During all of that, Warren is seen nodding in agreement.

“Right now the United States is bombing at least seven countries. We support genocides in Palestine and in Yemen. The U.S. military is actually the biggest polluter of any organization in the world,” he said, “We also have sanctions on many other countries like Iran, North Korea, and you know you can name many more. So I’m wondering, as president, will you stop U.S.-supported murder whether it’s through sanctions, arms support, or boots on the ground?”

He added that Columbia economist Jeffrey Sachs “caused over 40,000 deaths.”

In response, Warren said, “So I like your frame on this." She continued to say that if America wants to be a "great nation" then we need to live our values "every single day." Then, despite her nodding in agreement, sh said that we “don’t support for example what’s going on in Yemen,” and that “we should not be in combat in the Middle East.”

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“This is not where we should be,” Warren concluded, “We should not use our military to solve non-military problems.”

Here is the clip, watch for yourself: