Wheel of Fortune Fans 'Unimpressed' With New Host, Suggest Other Options

Fans aren't thrilled about Ryan Seacrest's upcoming hosting role on Wheel of Fortune, criticizing the decision before he even steps into the studio. Despite his extensive hosting experience on shows like American Idol and Live With Kelly and Ryan, some fans feel he's not the right fit for the iconic game show. Ryan will debut as host in September 2024, following Pat Sajak's retirement.

Co-hosting alongside Vanna White, Ryan faces scrutiny as he takes over from the beloved Pat Sajak, who's been a staple of the show for decades. While Vanna's continued presence may provide some comfort to longtime viewers, others are skeptical about Ryan's ability to fill Pat's shoes. Fans have even suggested alternative hosts, including Vanna and Pat's daughter, Maggie.

Criticism of Ryan's appointment has been vocal, with fans expressing their disappointment on various platforms. Some feel that Ryan lacks the right personality for Wheel of Fortune, advocating for hosts with a more established connection to the show. Suggestions range from former contestants to other celebrities with experience in game show hosting.

Vanna should have taken the job and Maggie should take over for Vanna. Makes me think they are saying a woman can’t do Pats job," a fan said.

"Vanna or Maggie would have been much much much better choices!" said another fan.

"I agree. I like Ryan but he does not have the personality for Wheel. I, also, believe Maggie & Vanna would be the best choice," a third chimed in.

Despite the backlash, Ryan's supporters argue that he brings a wealth of hosting experience and charisma to the role. However, for many fans, the appeal of Wheel of Fortune lies in its familiar faces and long-standing traditions. Vanna's potential promotion to host and Maggie's involvement in the show's future resonate with those who value continuity.

The debate over Ryan's suitability as host extends beyond social media, with Reddit users also weighing in on the decision. Some suggest that Joel McHale, known for his wit and humor, would have been a better choice for the role. Comparisons between Ryan's hosting style and Joel's comedic timing highlight differing opinions on what makes an ideal game show host.

Ultimately, the success of Ryan's tenure as host will depend on how viewers respond to his hosting style and on-screen chemistry with Vanna. As Wheel of Fortune prepares for its next chapter, fans will be watching closely to see if Ryan can win them over or if the show's legacy will be better served by a different host.