WOW: Overstock CEO Resigns Then Goes on LIVE TV and Admits he Spied on Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio for FBI

Recently Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has made some headlines. Their stock dropped by 36 percent after Byrne admitted to assisting with the "Russia investigation."

Byrne spent 20 years building this company. Then in one day he resigned and dropped this bombshell on the FBI.

While appearing live on Fox Business on Wednesday Byrne said he took orders from Peter Strzok during the 2016 presidential election to spy on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Hillary Clinton.

He called it a "political espionage" scheme.

Byrne said he was offered $1 billion in "hush money" He also claims that his mentor Warren Buffet told him to quit his role as CEO of Overstock and put the FBI scandal in the public eye.

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Resigns and Blasts the FBI on Live TV

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It's long established that Byrne is a bit of a wacko, but this is some startling stuff to hear. If what he says in this interview is true and he can back it up, this is really going to shake things up.