President Biten? Joe Nibbles on Wife's Hand During Campaign Event

In a cringeworthy moment, former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden chomped on his wife's hand during a campaign event in Iowa on Saturday. I found myself feeling a melancholy mix of disgust and embarrassment when I saw the video (posted below.)

If you watch the clip, you can see Jill Biden speaking to a crowd, and gesturing with her hands as many people do when they speak. At one point, Joe learns forward and nibbles on the tip of her index finger.

Then, probably feeling quite awkward and flustered, Jill appears to laugh it off .

The pair were in Council Bluffs speaking to a crowd of several hundred people, according to the Associated Press. The Biden are launching an eight-day bus tour of Iowa ahead of the February 3 caucuses.

Just last month, Jill was warning President Trump that he needed to ‘back off’ because ‘her husband is going to beat him.’

She said of the president, “He’s trying to distract the voters,” and called his business with Ukraine “flat out wrong.” Funny though, she wasn’t singing that tune about her husband or her son’s dealings with Ukraine.

More on the Bizarre Bidens:

“The fact that he attacked my son, I have never seen that in other elections, that they go after children of the candidate,” she continued on to address Trump directly, “Stop it. My husband’s going to beat you. Because of your character and because of the strong character my husband has.”

I wonder if she will be singing the same tune as sleepy Joe continues to make a fool of himself.