Biological Male Tired of Losing Men's Track, Will Now Compete Against Women as 'Transgender'

How is anyone okay with this?

Jonathan Eastwood is a senior and at the University of Montana who has never won a national title or even qualified for a national meet. He is a biological male and has determined that the only way he can win is by competing as a transgender female.

Oh and now you can call him "June."

June will be competing against women on Saturday in Cheney, Washington. And if you look at his run times, he's definitely going to end his losing streak.

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Eastwood’s personal best in the 800 meters is 1:55.23. That’s almost four seconds faster than the collegiate record of 1:59.10 set by Raevyn Rogers in 2017.

Her personal best in the 1500 is 3:50.19. Jenny Simpson’s collegiate record, unchallenged for a decade, is almost 10 seconds slower (3:59.90).

Eastwood has run 14:38.80 in the 5,000, far ahead of Simpson’s collegiate record of 15:01.70.

Despite those PBs, it is far from certain Eastwood will win on Saturday. Eastwood has won just two races out of 56 in three years of competition for Montana. She’s never won a national title or earned All-American honors. In fact, she’s never even qualified for the national meet.

The reason? For the first three years of her career, June Eastwood competed on the men’s team.

Eastwood’s times as a male would crush the women’s NCAA records.

As noted in our intro above, the times Eastwood ran as a male are much faster than the current NCAA women’s records in those events. As a male, her best event was the 1500m, where her personal best time of 3:50.19 is just slower than the women’s world record of 3:50.07 by Genzebe Dibaba and is equivalent to a 4:08.6 mile.

According to the left, this is fine since Eastwood has undergone testosterone suppression treatment. That's all it takes to qualify to compete as a transgender, per NCAA rules.

Here are side by side photos of Jonathan and June:

Biological Male Tired of Losing Men's Track, Alex Eastwood, June Eastwood

Against men Jonathan never won anything. Now that he's taking on women he will be setting records everywhere.

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These women have worked hard their whole lives to be track stars and now they are going to be defeated by a man. It's just wrong.