Celebrity Bodyguard Travels to Israel to Join the Fight Against Hamas

Celebrity bodyguard Oded Krashinsky has returned to Israel to train with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the wake of attacks that resulted in the loss of over 1,300 Israeli lives.

Krashinsky, known for safeguarding celebrities like Nicole Kidman over the past three decades, departed from Los Angeles to contribute to the IDF, aiming to provide leadership amidst the challenges, as stated by the New York Post.

"I came here to help my unit. The morale is tense," stated the President and Founder at Advanced Security Concepts in an interview with the outlet.

"The main threat is invasion — we have to deflect it, fight it, and protect against it," he further remarked.

“I am who I am because I came from here,” Krashinsky continued. “At the end of the day, it’s about experience, decision-making, tactics, and leadership — that’s what I felt I could bring and that’s what I do now.”

Krashinsky, who once served as a lieutenant in an IDF secret service special operations unit and is a father of two, mentioned they need to be ready for what he described as "determined" combatants.

On Monday, a security guard from Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" disclosed that he had also journeyed back to Israel in response to the conflict with Hamas.

Eran Swissa from Israel Hayom shared that the guard expressed he "couldn’t stand by" as Jews in Israel faced deadly attacks in their residences.

“I have a pretty great life in the U.S., a dream job, great friends, and a comfortable home,” the anonymous bodyguard reportedly said.

“I didn’t have to come here, but I couldn’t stand by while families were slaughtered and burned alive in their homes,” he contined. “Don’t stand by and do nothing. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.”

Before working in the U.S., the bodyguard had served as an IDF soldier.

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