CNN Falsely Labels Virginia Governor as 'Republican' Amid Blackface, KKK Controversy

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam had some old photos of him wearing either blackface or a KKK outfit. After this, CNN falsely labeled the governor as a Republican.

You may be wondering why the article says he was wearing either blackface or a KKK outfit. Those should be very easy to tell apart, right? Well, while he admitted he is in the photo he didn't say which outfit he was wearing.

virginia governor ralph northam kkk blackface

The photo surfaced in an old medical yearbook. There are many people calling for Northam to resign. These include Republicans, Democrats and even members of the NAACP.

While Northam has issued an apology, he has signaled he will not be stepping down.

In another issue of either fake news or an insane gaffe, CNN labeled Northam as a Republican.

In a VMI yearbook it was published that Northam had the nicknames "Goose" and "Coonman."