Crowds Flock to Reopened CO Restaurant, Despite State Order

I don't know about you, but I will not be giving my business to places that require masks be work in order to shop. I will, however, GLADLY give my business to those who are reopening and taking their lives back, despite the government telling them to stay closed and stay home.

A restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado is going viral have crowds of customers have flocked to the location. The business reopened, despite the state's orders to reduce businesses to delivery and drive-up options. Videos and photos have surfaced of the packed restaurant on Mother's day, and they are going viral on social media platforms like Twitter.

The Hill reports:

Videos picking up traction on Twitter on Sunday show the local restaurant, C&C Coffee and Kitchen, loaded with customers, many of whom could be seen not wearing a mask, as recommended by government and health officials, or adhering to social distancing guidelines.

In a live Facebook video documenting the large turnout on Sunday, April Arellano, whom The Denver Post identifies as the owner of the establishment, could be heard saying: “I’m sure a lot of people are wondering like what the turnout ended up being.”

“This,” she says as she pans the camera around a room of packed tables, “and then a line down the street.”

“So much for some of those people saying nobody would show up,” Arellano said smiling, “And our patio’s full too. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this support guys. I gotta get back to work. Have a great day.”

Though the stay-at-home order issued in Colorado to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 expired on April 26, non-critical businesses that have since been allowed to reopen under the state’s “Safer at Home” guidelines must still operate with certain restrictions in an effort to prevent flare-ups of the disease in the weeks ahead.

A spokesperson for Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’s (D) office told The Denver Post on Sunday that “under Safer at Home, restaurants, food courts, cafes, coffeehouses, and other similar places of public accommodation offering food or beverage for on-premises consumption are still closed.”

“Delivery and drive-up service is available. Coloradans can contact their local public health department if they believe someone is violating Safer at Home,” the spokesperson added.

Of course Polis' office released a statement slamming businesses that were "breaking the law" and defying the orders. “These restaurants are not only breaking the law, they are endangering the lives of their staff, customers, and community,” they said.

I say good on them! If I lived in the area, I would have went and supported their business. Americans cannot afford to sit at home and not receive an income. We need to get back out and work, and if that means defying a tyrannical government, then so be it!

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