Epic Video: Walmart Employee Pages 'Mr. Clinton Killdepstein' Over Intercom

If you've ever been lost in Walmart, then it's likely you heard your mother call for you over the intercom. It's sure happened to me! I was paged to the front of the store.

Well, lucky for us, the good employees of Walmart are always willing to lend a helping hand.

A man went up to a woman working in the superstore and asked her to page a Mr. Clinton Killdepstein, and by golly she did it! Bless her heart.

Watch for yourself:


Posted by Derek Utley on Thursday, December 5, 2019

To make it even better, the employee told hm that if Mr. Clinton Killdepstein didn't show up in a few minutes to let her know and she would page him again.

Judging by how she reacted and handled the situation, I don't think she even realized what she was saying! LOL

Remember kids, Epstein didn't kill himself!