Eric Trump Set to Sue MSNBC Over Lawrence O'Donnell Report - 'Apologies Are Not Enough

On Tuesday evening Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted a false story in an attempt to slander and smear the Trump family.

O'Donnell has since apologized for it. But that's not enough for Eric Trump.

“This was a reckless attempt to slander our family and smear a great company,” Eric Trump tweeted. “Apologies are not enough when the true intent was solely to damage and cause harm.”

The report from O'Donnell claimed that he had confirmed a source that President Trump received business funding through guarantees from Russian oligarchs. Usually journalists do not go public based on claims made by just one person.

This is ridiculous and O'Donnell deserves everything he has coming. He was so desperate to sling mud at the Trump family that he ignored all due process and went public with a bogus source.

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