Frustrated Donors Dumping Top Republican Candidate, Taking 'Hard Look' Elsewhere for Alternative to Trump

GOP donors are becoming more anxious because no contender has emerged as a strong challenger to front-runner former President Trump. This unease is leading some to consider candidates beyond Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

"There’s a lot of concern, hand-wringing, and significant conversations among the donor class regarding their frustrations as it relates to Gov. DeSantis and his ability to gain traction," a veteran Republican strategist with close ties to the GOP donor class said.

"As a result, a lot of them are taking a hard look at Nikki Haley. They realize the field needs to consolidate and any opportunity to beat President Trump is going to be predicated on it being a two-person race. There are folks who are seriously considering shifting away from DeSantis and over to Nikki Haley."

"There’s definitely a lot of people talking," a top dollar donor supporting DeSantis said to Fox News. "I think there’s a lot of frustration with the DeSantis campaign. We were like this pedigree thoroughbred on the starting and it just didn’t happen."

Furthermore, Charlie Gasparino, Senior Correspondent for FOX Business, disclosed on X this week that "people close" to the DeSantis campaign have expressed to him their "growing increasingly despondent about his chances" due to his ongoing struggle to rise in the polls.

"They say he is stubbornly refusing the drop out and has enough money to stay in race hoping that something existential happens to Donald Trump."

In the previous month, the DeSantis campaign boasted about raising an impressive $15 million during the July-September period, which they described as "shatters expectations." Additionally, they confirmed to Fox News that campaign personnel are being relocated from Florida to Iowa. Iowa is notable for its Jan. 15 caucuses, which set the stage for the Republican presidential nomination process.

Previously a strong runner-up in the contest for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, DeSantis has witnessed a decline in his polling figures lately, as Trump has widened the gap over the governor from Florida.

The most recent Real Clear Politics average indicates that Trump leads in Iowa with 48.8%, followed by DeSantis at 17.3%, and Haley trailing with 11.5%.

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