Gillibrand Paints Trump as Weak: 'Won't Stand Up to World Leaders'

On Sunday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand appeared on ABC's "This Week" and it was a muddled disaster. The 2020 presidential candidate drug President Trump through the mud and attempted to paint him as a weak, wuss of a man.

I think she must be confusing him with former President Barack Obama.

Gillibrand stated that Trump is “unwilling to stand up to other world leaders," and that that he's "shrunk in the face of his responsibilities." Are we even living in the same universe? Either she is high or she's just that sorry of a liar.

“I think NAFTA 2.0 is a disaster. It’s going the harm our jobs. President Trump said no bad trade deals. Not only has he entered into them he started a trade war with China.” She added, “President Trump is unwilling to hold anyone accountable. He’s unwilling to stand up to other world leaders. You’ve seen this with instance of Israel, seen it with China and Russia. He’s really shrunk in the face of his responsibilities, unwilling to actually lead and to ask other world leaders to support and protect human rights.”

President Trump has shown time and time again that he is the alpha. Just from his subtle body language, he shows dominance from the way he stands to the way he shakes hands. In fact, there was a huge internet fest over it. Some people crying that he was showing "toxic masculinity" and others praising him for showing the backbone that Obama never did.

Trump has not shied away from a single world leader or situation.