MSNBC Guest: President Trump is 'More Racist Than Neo-Nazis'

Author Vegas Tenold appeared on MSNBC and he had some scorching hot takes. For one, he said that President Trump is "more racist than neo-Nazis."

Tenold even claimed that he has had white supremacists come up to him and tell him that President Trump "goes too far." Also the white supremacist allegedly stated that he has attended KKK rallies where they use the exact language President Trump does.

An interesting thing to think about is why does this guy have white supremacists in his network? Despite what the left wants you to think, there are not an abundance of white supremacists out there.

"These are the things they have wanted for a long time. I've had white supremacists, I've had neo-Nazis, Matthew Heimbach, who is one of the people who were behind the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, he told me the president goes too far sometimes, that Donald Trump is more racist than him. So we're at point where Trump is more racist than neo-Nazis," Tenold said on MSNBC Monday.

President Trump is 'More Racist Than Neo-Nazis'

One would think this author is using hyperbole, but no. He is actually being serious. Does anyone really think this guy actually talks to white supremacists and has these conversations. A very liberal author who happens to communicate with people who attend Klan rallies. It just doesn't seem realistic at all.

Marianne Williams Thinks President Trump is Hitler

The left also loves to compare President Trump to Hitler. Democrat hopeful Marianne Williamson has said President Trump's ice raids are exactly like Nazi Germany.

The only problem is these illegal immigrants have invaded the United States. It's completely different than Nazi Germany, but don't let that get in the way of some absurd statements from the left.

While appearing on the Rubin Report, Williamson discussed reparations for slavery. When pressed on how much each person should say, she threw out some percentages.

With so many candidates in a crowded Democratic Party primary, it is clear they are willing to say anything to set themselves apart from the rest of the field.