Must See: Drone Footage Shows Aftermath of Raid on Terrorist Baghdadi

BANG the witch is dead! Well maybe not quite a witch, but Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead and we are celebrating!

United States special operations forces (SOF) took the terrorist out in Syria, and footage of the strike is starting to surface. DailyMail shared a video of the aftermath, which shows the compound was completely obliterated. Good job, boys!

Photo Credit: Dailymail

According to FoxNews, the ISIS leader had a $25 million bounty over his head, and was considered a "high value ISIS target" when he died like the coward he was.

Daily Mail reports: 

It was shortly after midnight in the remote village of Barisha that residents heard a familiar noise coming from above.

The whir of rotor blades in the darkness signalled something was coming, something military – which, in these parts, usually brings death.

Sure enough, within minutes the sound of bullets piercing the air followed.

But this was no usual firefight, with those brandishing automatic weapons on the ground severely outgunned by an enemy they had not been expecting.

For the footsoldiers still loyal to the Islamic State terror group were caught by surprise by the crack American team descending upon their high-profile prize – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the world's most wanted man.

Here is the awesome footage:

And another one:

You can clearly see the place was blown to smithereens. I hope Baghdadi is enjoying his time in hell, WITHOUT the virgins he was so generously promised by "Allah."

Being played on a live feed to those back in the White House, 'as though watching a movie', according to President Donald Trump, the helicopter gunships circled, taking small arms fire but delivering their far more devastating riposte.

Some hovered in the air, laying down a cover of fire underneath which a crack team of elite Delta Force commandos and Rangers could slip to the floor safely, landing outside Baghdadi's compound on the edge of the village.

Armed with highly-trained dogs and a robot to withstand suicide attacks, the 70-strong team was ready for a bloodbath.

Capture or kill ... either option had been authorised.

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