Traveler Reveals 'Genius' Hack to Get Free Snacks at Hotels

Mother knows best.

A woman used a clever trick to get free hotel snacks, thanks to her mom's help. She shared it on TikTok.

Her mom calls the hotel before she arrives. She asks them to "do something special" for her daughter. It doesn't have to be a special occasion.

In Vancouver, Canada, the woman was greeted with a basket of snacks and sparkling water in her room. "Literally from my mom, for free," she revealed.

@thejuliabaird My mom always makes travelling feel special - even when she’s not with me ???? #traveltips #hotelperks #travelhacks #hotelhack ♬ original sound - Julia

She believes everyone should be doing this. Her video went viral, sparking curiosity about her mom's script.

Her mom builds a rapport with the hotel staff over the phone. She doesn't ask for anything specific, just something special for her daughter.

The secret? Just ask. "You don’t get it if you don’t ask," her mom says.

The tactic worked again, resulting in free Prosecco and chocolates at another hotel. Her mom pretended they were celebrating her engagement.

The follow-up video also went viral. Hotel employees confirmed kindness and requests often lead to free perks.

@thejuliabaird Replying to @Zoe ???????? Mama knows best! Should i share more of her hotel/travelling tips?! #hotelhacks #travelhacks #hoteltips #traveltipsandhacks ♬ original sound - Julia

Some viewers shared their own success with similar strategies. Anniversaries and special occasions are commonly mentioned to hotels for surprises.

This strategy is not just for hotels. It works in restaurants too, with customers often requesting special treatments for celebrations.