Watch: Girl Kills Baby for Internet Clout in Viral Video

I am BEYOND disgusted to see that a video was posted for views and clout on TikTok that involved the ending of an innocent life.

A girl, presumably named Ashley according to the video, is shown getting ready in a mirror as her friend shows a positive pregnancy test and asks how she feels. It then shows the beginning bulge of the life growing within her womb (A HUMAN life) with the caption: 'Abortion time! TAKE 2". Which leads you to wonder if that means this is her second abortion.

The girls giggle and laugh outside of an abortion clinic, and then make fun of someone else in the clinic for appearing to be sad or upset. Then "Ashley" is seen fist bumping in the clinic waiting room, celebrating the fact that she is about to get an abortion, with the caption: "There's two abortion moods."

Then the clip switches to "Ashley" on the table with an ultrasound showing the human baby whose life is about to end as a sad song plays in the background.

The 18-second clip is enough to make you nauseous, angry, and heartbroken all at once. As a mother, I could not imagine murdering my own child, NOR could I imagine celebrating the act of doing it. OR barbarically posting the video to social media for likes and follows.

Matt Walsh shared the video to Twitter and wrote, "Let’s call it as it is. The women in this video are murderous psychopaths."

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