WATCH: It Was Acceptable When Joe Biden and Other Democrats Called Bill Clinton's Impeachment 'A Partisan Lynching'

Democrats along with Jeb Bush pretend to be completely outraged that President Trump used the word "lynching."

President Trump and Lindsey Graham referred to the current attack from the Democrats as a public "lynching" on Tuesday. And now the Democratic Party is freaking out as if they would never imagine using such a word.

They are so angry that President Trump would even consider using this word.

Cory Booker took to Twitter to rip President Trump for it:

Fortunately the Internet never forgets. It didn't take long at all to find video of Democrats referring to the Clinton impeachment as a "lynching."

There were at least 5 House Democrats that referred to Bill Clinton's impeachment as a lynching.

Here's Joe Biden again using that word that he was oh so offended by.

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Remember the rule of the left: it's only racist or offensive if President Trump says it. They don't apply these rules to members of their party.