Watch: Pelosi says Trump Won’t be President Next Year ‘One Way or Another’

Wow, Nancy Pelosi is really doing the most. After the House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump, the house speaker has held on to the articles of impeachment rather than send them to the Senate for a trial.

Now she is claiming that one way or another, Trump won’t be president next year, and “will be impeached forever.”

Nancy said, “Let’s be optimistic about the future that will not have Donald Trump in the White House, one way or another. Ten months from now we will have an election if we don’t have him removed sooner...but again, he will be impeached forever.”

Oh puh-lease. Watch her lunatic rankings below:

That is probably one reason why Pelosi is so for open borders. She doesn’t want to get rid of illegals in our country because she is banking on them voting Democrat. If they are over here voting Democrat, then that is more of a chance that Trump won’t win the reelection.

Liberals don’t know how to play fair.

From Daily Wire:

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows on Monday with a series of comments that she made about enforcing U.S. immigration laws.

Speaking at an event in Elmhurst, New York, Pelosi attacked President Donald Trump over the raids from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers that were scheduled to happen over the weekend but were delayed after sensitive information was leaked to the public about the locations of the raids.

Pelosi said, “When I saw that the president was going to have these raids, I mean it was so appalling. It’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families, and the rest of that, in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border. We have legislation to go forward to address those needs, but in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the – what’s the point?”