New Jersey Man Convinces 30 Women to Send Him $2.1 Million in Dating Scam

A New Jersey man has been arrested after he conned thirty women on dating websites, leading one to committing suicide.

Rubbin Sarpong, 35, of Millville, New Jersey led an international fraud ring that resulted in 30 misled women into sending him and his accomplices $2.1 million, according to the report from federal prosecutors.

Sarpong has been charged in federal court with a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He pretended to be a member of the military who was stationed overseas.

Despite taking these women for $2.1 million, the con man requested to have a public defender assigned to him, claiming he didn't have the money to pay for one.

During the same day you could see Sarapon's true fiance walking to the courtroom. She became very angry when a local TV news crew came near her.

"You better get that camera out my face."

This shows that it's just men who are willing to get their wallets out in order to buy love. This scammer preyed on vulnerable women and tricked them into sending him money.

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Dating sites are places where everyone needs to be careful. And if someone instructs you to send them all of your money, that's probably not love.