New York Becomes the 13th State to Allow Illegal Immigrants to get Driver's Licenses

While continuing to water down citizenship, New York becomes the 13th state to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. It was signed into law on Monday night.

The New York state Senate voted in favor of the bill, 33-29. It was then signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. This was after several hours of debate.

"In a time when immigrants are being scapegoated for every ill in our country, this is our opportunity for New York state to show our courage and strength and stand up for the marginalized communities," Luis Sepulveda, the Senate sponsor of the bill, said.

Republican lawmakers strongly opposed the bill. They said it would result in voter fraud and also will be a reward for people who violate federal immigration laws.

'This is not about driver's licenses, this is about law and order and the United States' right to defend the sanctity and sovereignty of our borders,' said Republican Senator Rob Ortt of Tonawanda.

"We are watering down citizenship. We are cheapening what it means to be an American citizen."

More on the story from Daily Mail:

Driver's licenses would be 'a game changer,' according to Jorge Garcia, an immigrant from Long island who said he needs a car to get to his job in a warehouse.

He has two children, both of whom are legal residents, and worries about being deported if he is caught driving without a license.

'This means so much to us, to my family,' he said through an interpreter. 'We won't have that fear of facing a judge if you get a ticket.'

Cuomo had long said he supported the measure but on Monday cast doubt on the bill's fate Monday, saying he was concerned that U.S. immigration officials might try to obtain state driver's license data to target immigrants for deportation.

He requested a legal review by the state solicitor general, who works for Attorney General Letitia James.

Sure, the left and right have their reasons for their stance on immigration. But there's a major contributing factor as to why the left wants to make it easy for illegal immigrants to get around the laws: they are going to vote Democrat.