WATCH: Chris Cuomo Keeps Demanding Trump is a Racist, Gets Wrecked by Kayleigh McEnany

When the left runs out of things to say, they keep playing the Trump is a racist card. Well, this time was no different for Chris Cuomo of CNN.

On Wednesday night Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Cuomo Primetime. Cuomo had a very strange moment when he was angrily repeatedly demanding if McEnany would still support President Trump if he declared he was a racist. She refuses to answer and that made Cuomo very angry.

“Kayleigh, if the president said ‘the reason I’m saying these things is because I’m a racist,’ I know he hasn’t said that, I know he doesn’t believe that — hypothetically, if he said that, would it change your support for him?” Cuomo asked McEnany.

McEnany let Coumo know how ridiculous it was that he was even asking that question. She explained how the Democrats main objective has been to paint Trump as a racist ever since he was elected.

Despite her explanation Cuomo kept pressing forward and demanding to know why she wouldn't answer the question.

“I’m not going to play these games,” an a frustrated McEnany finally declared. “I won’t allow you to attach a label to the president, even hypothetically, that is patently false and untrue.”

Refusing to give up, Cuomo asked, “how is it patently false when what he just said is patently racist?”

From there McEnany went through a list of ways that President Trump has proved he was not racist. She explained that the only thing that changed the perception of Trump as a racist was “when you at CNN, and others, started calling him a racist. That is false. It is untrue. President Trump’s history defeats that.” Despite Cuomo continuously interrupting her, she pressed forward and stood her ground.

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