Gabbard Accuses DNC of 'Rigging' Primary for Billionaire Candidates

Presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard spoke out against her own party on Tuesday. She accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of “rigging” the Iowa primary in favor of billionaire candidates.

“Thousands of people turned out to cast the first votes of this presidential primary in the Iowa Caucuses last night,”  Gabbard said, “Unfortunately, the voices of the people of Iowa have yet to be heard as the vote count continues, leaving voters frustrated and without the transparency and integrity in this process that they expect and deserve.”

Sh“It’s clear that the corporate media, the military-industrial complex, and the party establishment are threatened by [my] message," she continued, "Because it challenges their grip on power. They will do everything to silence us, while also rigging the primary process for billionaire candidates who think they can bypass the kind of grassroots campaigning that is the fuel of our movement.”

Breitbart reports:

Last week, the DNC said it is changing the criteria to qualify for its February debate in Las Vegas, allowing for candidates to appear on stage without any individual-donor requirement. The move benefits Bloomberg, who has no donors due to his self-funded campaign.

Gabbard’s remarks come as Iowa Democrat officials are racing to solve technical issues behind the state’s delayed caucus voting results.

State Democrat Party Chairman Troy Price said in a statement “underlying data collected” on a smartphone app that reports vote tallies were “sound,” but a coding issue in the system has only produced partial results.

“This issue was identified and fixed,” Price continued, “The application’s reporting issue did not impact the ability of precinct chairs to report data accurately.”

Although he is not aware of when the results will be reported, he said that it would happen "as soon as possible today."

If the DNC is rigging the primaries, I could not be surprised in the slightest. They rigged it against Bernie Sanders, in favor of Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

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